Load Cells

Load Cells

We have been manufacturing load cells based on excellent production technology and rich experience. These can maintain performance for a long time even under severe use condition. Available in a wide range of lineups from small type for lightweight to large type for high weight.

Standard comparison table

Not all products are listed on this page. Please feel free to contact us for other seriese.

Shape Rated load Rated load(N) Accuracy(%R.O.) Size(mm) Memo
Reverbal type*1 500g~2t 3~300k 0.05~0.01 70×22~374×115  
Compression pull type 250~100k 0.035~0.018 51×61~178×127  
Press type 600~1000k 0.05~0.018 63×22~153×350  
Special Purpose 10Kg~2t 1~1500k 0.1~0.02   OEM Product

*1:There are various types of reverbal types

Load Cells : L series

Variety of load rating, 200g to 2000kg. High accuracy load cell. Application: General-purpose scales, industrial scales, household scales, elevators etc.

Load Cells : SB series

It can measure compression and stretch. High accuracy load cell. Application: Construction scales, hopper scales, tackle scales Suspension scales, elevators, etc.

Load Cells : B series

High accuracy load cell. Application: Platform scales, lightweight scales, filling scales, tackle scales, conveyer types etc.

Load Cells : PS series

1t to 50t various products. High accuracy load cell. Application: Tank scales, truck scales.