Weight Sensors

Weight Sensors

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From specifications as desired for special orders that can be manufactured from one unit. Abundantly prepared for large size · high precision · intrinsically safe explosion-proof specification · USB specification. Please use it in conjunction with T&T amplifier display machine.

Standard comparison table

Product Name Rated load Rated load(N) Accuracy(%R.O.) Amplifier·Ardino
Explosion proof*1 Size(mm) Low floor type Materials
LTS 1Kg~2t 25~500 0.02 120×150~250×300   Stainless・Aluminum
TTS 100~10000 0.1 120×120~1200×1200
USB Connection 25~5000 0.04   120×150~600×600  
EGA 30Kg OR 50KG 500~5000 0.15   200×200~700×700 Aluminum
STS 100~10000 0.15   150×150~350×350 Stainless・Aluminum
TRC 300or500 5 200×200or250×250 Stainless

*1:〇=With Barrier, ◎=Intrinsically safe explosion-proof

Weight sensor:USB connect weight sensor

Weight sensor with software that can capture continuous data just by inserting USB into a PC

Weight Sensors : TTS series

A series of custom order specifications. I will ask the desired specifications and submit the appearance specification diagram. We can correspond from 1 unit. Please feel free contact us for any requests.

Weight Sensors : STS series

Ideal for managing the remaining amount of bottles, tanks and cylinders with low profile and high accuracy. It is impossible to change the design because it has already completed but we can sell this series at reasonable price.

Weight Sensors : LTS series

Ultra high precision sensor boasting accuracy of 0.02%. It is also possible to process fixing holes at arbitrary positions. USB connection type compatible! (※ 100mm ~ 1000mm square type only)

Weight Sensors : TGB series

Since this sensor has an inclination and the tank can be measured in an oblique state. So you can make full use of the inside liquid. It can measure without leaving expensive liquid. Ideal for measuring pressure tanks and gallon bottles.

Weight sensor TRC series

Level management is completed with one unit / Current output 4 to 20 mA / Low cost level sensor