Leakage Sensors

Leakage Sensors

Abundant experienced T&T leakage sensor
Water leakage countermeasures such as water leakage, oil leakage, liquid leakage. It can be installed in explosion-proof areas regardless of the type of water, pure water or chemical liquid. We have prepared a lineup that can handle various conditions of use. Our Products are adopted for all liquid leaks.

Standard comparison table

Product NameCharacteristicMaterialsControlSpecification
Explosion proof*1Low CostDrug resistanceTeflonP.PFiberElectricity*2CEULSOutput
Screwed inNPN

*1:〇=With Barrier, ◎=Intrinsically safe explosion-proof.
*2:Both NPN and PNP are available for electrical control.
*3:S standard is NPN only.

Leakage Sensors :LPP series

Leakage Sensors : LUP series

Body material: P. P (polypropylene) Cable material: PVC (vinyl chloride). Ultra small (φ 24 mm) Built-in amplifier(50 mA output) PNP output specification available!

Leakage Sensors : KP series

Body material: P.P (polypropylene) Cable material: PVC (vinyl chloride). Explosion-proof specification products available! Interlock function can be selected!

Leakage Sensors : TFP-T series

High chemical resistance product. Reliable use even with chemicals. Ultra-thin (10 mm thickness) Since cable comes out from the side, this products can be installed in a narrow space. Interlock function standard installed!

Leakage Sensors : TFP-F series

Because it is electricity-free by detection with optical fiber, it can be installed in an explosion-proof area! High chemical resistance product. Reliable use even with chemicals.

Leakage sensor Screw type Leakage sensor

Ideal for detecting leaks inside the pump! Built-in amplifier type, screw part M10, made of All Teflon®

Leakage Sensors : Exclusive holders

We have holders abundantly depending on the sensor, material, method of use, fixing method.

Amplifier for TFP-F : FD-2002-SR123

It is TFP-F series dedicated amplifier. Please use it with TFP-F series. The FD series will be installed in non-explosion-proof areas.

Dedicated amplifier for leak sensor : LS-15

It can connect to A-contact leakage sensors from 1 to 10. It can connect 1 B-contact leakage sensor. Relay output 1ch

Dedicated amplifier for leak sensor : LS-25

It can connect to 5 leakage sensors which have A-contact or B-contact.
Relay output 5 ch

Dedicated amplifier for leak sensor : LS-35

It can connect to A-contact leakage sensors from 1 to 20. It can connect to 10 B-contact leakage sensors. Relay output 10ch.