Sensors FAQ about Display / Amplifier unit

How often should we do calibration? 7110 views

製品の使用頻度にもよりますが、年に1回の定期校正をご推奨しております。 弊社工場に校正設備がありご校正サービスを承っておりますので、お気軽にご相談ください。 (

I would like to know about the combination of weight sensor and amplifier display. 7079 views

From the aspect of accuracy and price, we will inform you about the combination of weight sensor and

Please tell me the price and delivery date of each display. 7070 views

The product price is an open price. The delivery date varies depending on the stock status, so pleas

Can I use the T & T display in combination with other companies’ sensors? 7067 views

Whether it can be used or not is determined by the electrical specifications and output of other com

Does display resolution mean accuracy? 5050 views

Display resolution is the smallest unit of digital display. It will be the accuracy of the amplifier

Can it be used with AC100V? 5035 views

The power supply of the standard product of the amplifier display is DC24V. As an option, we can als