Sensors FAQ about Luminometer

What do you use the illuminometer for? 30409 views

It is necessary when quantifying the brightness. It is widely used in factories, schools, workplaces

Do you need calibration? 30070 views

We recommend calibrating once a year. We also offer a paid calibration service. For more information

I am using the LED illuminometer for the first time. I have the image that is difficult to operate. 30098 views

Measurement is possible with a very simple operation. The top model LM777 has PC connection and vari

What is the difference from the cheap illuminometers you see at mass retailers? 30057 views

LM-777 complies with JIS C1609-1: 2006 general type AA class, and by inputting spectral characterist

Can the LED illuminometer be used only for LED lighting? 29979 views

No, it is possible to measure fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, and sunlight.