AZT-F series

  • Built-in amplifier · Optical · Light intensity adjustment is unnecessary!
  • Extra fine φ 6, made of All Teflon ®!
  • You can consult the sensor length of your choice!
  • Detection at the tip of the pencil!
  • Easy installation with through-fitting

Designation System

1→1M、 3→3M


Detection output Open when detected (B contact operation)
OPEN collector output (load current 50mA or less)
Detection method Infrared reflective photo reflector
Detection surface 3 mm or less from the tip of the sensor
Input voltage DC12~24V±10%
Current consumption 20mA or less
Operating temperature -10~60℃
Weight Approximately 20g (excluding cable)
Material Case, lid … PFA
Cable φ2.3 AWG28 3 cores (sheath FEP)
Brown: Power input
Black: Output
Blue: Common power signal GND