Level sensor TRC Series

We have 2 type of TRC series.

The difference is the weight sensor has Built-in mechanical stopper or not.

・With Built-in mechanical stopper

・Without Built-in mechanical stopper

Model Rated Weight Size A Size B Thickness
TRC-030-200-CO(-SW820) 300N 200 190 17mm
TRC-030-250-CO(-SW820) 250 240
TRC-050-200-CO(-SW820) 500N 200 190
TRC-050-250-CO(-SW820) 250 240



Model TRCーロロロ ロロロ CO / TRCーロロロ ロロロ CO-SW820
Rated Weight 300N (=:: 30Kg)、500N (=:: 50Kg)
Output 4-20mA
Non-linearity 5%R. 0.
Hysteresis 5%R. 0.
Allowable overload 120%R. C.
Marginal overload 150%R. C.
Power-supply voltage 24V DC士10%
Operating ambient temperature 0-50℃
Cable Φ5 3 Core Cable 2m
Color of Cable Red: INPUT (DC24V)
White: OUTPUT (4mA~20mA)
Black: GND (Common power supply and output)
Materials Stainless steel (upper plate, lower plate), PET (seal)
Other With Built-in mechanical stopper

Attention 1:
Since the zero and gain trimmers are adjusted at the time of shipment, do not operate them except during calibration.

Level management is completed with one unit / Current output 4 to 20 mA / Low cost level sensor