Explosion-proof specifications:Weight sensor

  • EGA series
  • Intrinsically safe explosion product
  • Weight measurement in explosion-proof area is possible
  • It is thin and easy to install
  • It is also possible to sell the intrinsically safe explosion-proof set with Zener barrier and amplifier, extension cable.

Designation System

(A)Rated Capacity
050→ 500N 300→ 3000N
100→ 1000N 400→ 4000N
200→ 2000N 500→ 5000N
(B) Size of Weight Sensor
200→ 200mm×200mm
300→ 300mm×300mm
※Size is with set cover

The biggest size is 700×700mm with Cover. Indicator is MX Series.

※Please feel free contact with our sales teams the Specification(Rated capacity, Size of sensor, length of Cable etc.)


Rated capacity 500N、1000N、2000N、3000N、4000N、5000N
Nonlinearity 0.15% R.O.
Repeatability 0.2% R.O.
Allowable overload 150%
Operating temperature limit 0℃~50℃
Recommended Barrior MTL7761ac Manufactured by Cooper Industries Japan K.K

What is Intrinsically Safe Certification? 4584 views

It is a sensor that can be used in explosion-proof areas and in flammable atmospheres such as organi