Explosion-proof specifications: Leakage sensor

  • KP-3 series · KP-4 series
  • Intrinsically safe explosion products!
  • For water leakage and oil leakage detection in explosion-proof area
  • Interlock function (detachment detection function from fixed holder) can be selected!
  • Fixation is stable and easy to use!
  • It will be used in combination with Zener barrier.

Designation System

 (With Interlock※)

※What is Interlock?: It is the alert which is the same signal as when leak is detected when the sensor is not installed normally

C→ A contact
O→ B contact


Detecting Method Infrared reflective photo reflector
Detecting Output NPN Open Collecta
Power Supply DC12V~24V(±10%)
Consumption Current 20mA
Indicator Normal = LED Turns Green, Detecting = LED Turns Red
Operating temperature -10~60℃
Weight About 20g(Excluded the Cable)
Material P.P
Cable 2Core AWG#28
Cable Color Brawn: Power Supply(DC24V)
Black: Output
Blue: GND Common
Recommended barrier MTL7779+ Manufacturer by Cooper Industries Japan K.K
■What is Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure?
It is a product that limits electricity so that the electrical equipment itself does not become a source of ignition. Only this intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure is approved for use in a hazardous area called Zone 0.

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It is a sensor that can be used in explosion-proof areas and in flammable atmospheres such as organi