Dedicated amplifier for leak sensor : LS-25


1 to 5 pcs available connection each sensors.
5 channel relay.
Available output to each sensors.


Power Supply DC24V±10%
Indicator LED Turns Green, Detecting LED Turns Red as normal
Detector Output Relay point 5ch
Number of connectable sensor CorA type 5/CorB type 5
Output capacity DC24V MAX1A/AC125V MAX 0.5A
Consumption Current 5unit connection 400mA
Ambient temperature 0~50℃
Weight Approx. 150g
Accessory Terminal covers 2 pcs , Mounting screws 4 pcs

Is it possible to change the cable length of the leak sensor? 33239 views

The standard cable length for the leak sensor is 2M. The cable length can be changed, so please cont

Please tell me about the detection principle of the leak sensor. 33112 views

This is an optical sensor that uses an infrared reflective photo reflector. Infrared rays are projec

Can it be used to detect chemical leaks? 56001 views

Yes, you can. There are two types of leak sensor materials: P / P (made of polypropylene) and Teflon

I want to install it in a place with vibration, is that okay? 32985 views

The TFP-T series has a lock type to prevent it from coming off the installation holder. It is a spec

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A guideline for selecting a leak sensor. (1) Material made of Teflon → TFP-T series, TFP-F series Ma

Do I need to purchase the leak sensor holder separately? 55307 views

The standard holder is delivered with one installed for each leak sensor body, so there is no need t

Is it possible to manufacture with the specifications for our company? 55335 views

Yes, we can also manufacture custom products. We will ask you for your desired specifications and ma

Do I need a holder for the leak sensor? 55304 views

Yes, a holder for the leak sensor is required for the following three reasons. (1) To protect the de