Amplifier for TFP-F : FD-2002-SR123

It is TFP-F series dedicated amplifier. Please use it with TFP-F series. The FD series will be installed in non-explosion-proof areas. It can be installed on DIN rail.

Designation System

TFP-F dedicated AMP Set up at outside of explosion area, receiving sensor signal.


Number of connectable sensor 1
Light source LED Red color
Power Supply DC12~24V±10%
Consumption Current Under 960mw
Detecting Output Open Collector (26V DC, 50mA MAX)
Circuit protection Protection from reverse connection
Adjusting operation level Manual setting
Indicator 7segment LED 4 digits
Ambient temperature -10~50℃
Operating Humidity 35~85%RH
Weight 100g(include cable)
Material Case: Polybutylene Terephthalate, Cover: Polycarbonate
Cable Color Brown:Power Supply
Blue:GND Common

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